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Welcome to the 2014 World Cup of Trannies that like to Fuck Ass. Or as I’d like to call it: WCTFA 2014. 10 contestants will fuck for your approval. The one with the highest score wins. Let the games begin !

9th contestant: This busty lady is a rich and powerful woman. But like any other human being, she has sexual desires that need to be fulfilled. To avoid any risks of being recognized, she has arranged a system where her lovers get delivered in her garage. They’re strictly obligated to keep their blindfolds on the whole time she’s fucking them with her huge dick.



Hey pervert… I see you looking up my dress! I hope you like what you see. Mmm… I’ve got an idea… how about you follow me home and see what other naughty things I want to do in this slutty little dress. I haven’t jerked off in three days. Do you want to stroke your cock with me?

Omg I cum soooooo hard!!! NINE SQUIRTS of cum for one huge, thick, creamy cumshot!

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